Angenz Designs

Angenz Designs is a creative initiative that offers beautiful, practical and aesthetic landscape, furniture, decor and terrarium designs for your outdoor space. Our little indoor gardens are sure to brighten up and add a touch of quaintness to the outdoors of your house/business office/penthouse. We have a host of qualified outdoor designers who offer free consultation to our customers.

We are proud of our experts who churn out the most interesting and charming little terrariums for plants that are adored by our customers.

Types of designs

What’s more, you will find every tiny bit of detail you would need, for your outdoor decoration all under one roof. These products are of the highest quality; the range includes beautiful pieces, circular and diamond shaped, sourced from many corners of the world and is especially hand picked by our director herself.

Gate Designs

Along with your landscape, you home will look way better with custom designed gates. We make a variety of gates, from wood to iron, and they are inspired by designer companies like J and J Gates, and other resources (see some awesome gate designs). Gates are often taken for granted, but if you have a gate that has been neglected or the design is dated and poor, it can really make your landscaping look okay at best, and be a total eyesore at worst. Whatever the case may be, if you get the design you want the blends well with your architecture, that's a win-win situation.

The World in Your Garden

We store a wide variety of garden furniture made of natural materials, including but not limited to –

We also have wonderful designs of lanterns that have a vintage finish and are sourced from China and Mexico.

Our experts will grow your little outdoors under glass with the finest of plants and decorative miniatures based on a variety of themes with the best designs. We also do up the entire outdoors based on themes or you could choose pieces from different themes with the assistance of our consultants, who will also help you synchronize them all, in an aesthetically pleasing way.