About Us

Angenz Designs initially started off as a weekend hobby by our talented creative director. The garage turned into her workplace and the spacious backyard was turned into a landscape and outdoor decoration examples. Soon, friends and neighbors poured in requesting her to do up their patios, terraces, backyards and gardens.

Her regular job of a commercial pilot took her to various countries of the world and she always found time wherever she went to collect interesting pieces of decoration for her customers.

Soon, her friends who also developed a keen interest in creating various kinds of terrariums using different shapes and sizes of glass containers possible; they are now a part of the Angenz family.

Get the Best of Talent in Interior Designing!

Angenz has grown with the continued support of our esteemed customers; we have a talented and dedicated team that consists of experts in all the departments such as interior designers (who make the coziest Kasbahs), garden experts, and consultants.

We even have an in-house glass artist who continually comes up with amazing designs of glass containers. So, trust an Angenzer to weave magic into your very own space!